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A message from your 2016 Miss Buckskin World, Miss Emily Powell......

Miss Wisconsin Buckskin, Amanda Molash, is 23 and from Marquette, Michigan. She has owned a buckskin horse for 8 years and been an IBHA member for 5 years. In 2015 Amanda graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Social Work and she now works for the Marquette Housing Commission.  In addition to showing IVE BEEN INVITED, she enjoys archery and life outdoors. Amanda feels staying true to herself, charter and breed is an important obligation.


Laurie Kristoff - Queen's Saddle          Gist Silversmiths - Queen's Tiara             Putnam Co Conv Bureau - Queen's dinner

Equitara - Queen's Saddle Rack          Denise Kurtz - flowers & banners            C Bar C Expo Center - 1st Runner Up show set

2017 Miss Buckskin World is..................Kate Memmen

Pictured: 1. OSBA candidate Kate Memmen reacts when her name is called as Miss Buckskin World. 2. First Runner Up CJ Charniak, MBW Kate Memmen, C Bar C Owner Carl Harlan, 2016 MBW Meg Powell and queen committee members: Denise Kurtz, Judi Handel, Laurie Kristoff, Ted Handel and Eugene Zimmermann

My name is Emily Powell and I am the 2016 Miss Buckskin World. I am 19 years old and have been actively showing through IBHA for 4 years, and a member for 5 years. I am from the state of Ohio, where I attend college at The University of Findlay as a Pre-Vet Major. I have been showing my dun Quarter Horse, “Rawhides Reno” for 8 years, who was a gift to me from my grandpa. Throughout the years, Reno and I have become a complete match. He does anything and everything I ask out of him, without any question or refusal. Reno has made all of my dreams become reality, especially my biggest dream of all, to represent such an amazing and honest association, IBHA, as their queen. As Miss Buckskin World, I plan to inform more people about the opportunities that come through this organization, gather more members, and grow in many positive aspects as an association.

 My message to all IBHA members is to always keep your head up. Never let anything or anyone get in between you and your dreams. You have the power to accomplish anything you set your mind to, so if you have the passion and drive to achieve your goals, you will soon be unstoppable.

1. Auctioneer Taylor interviews MBW hopefuls Emily and Amanda  2. Left; Miss Congeniality and First Runner Up Amanda Molash - Right; Miss Horsemanship and Miss Buckskin World Emily Powell 3. 2015 MBW Sarah Lynd congratulates 2016 MBW Emily 4. 2016 Miss Buckskin World and First runner Up with contest sponsors. 

Miss Ohio State, Emily Powell, is 18 and from Findlay, Ohio. She has been a member of OSBA and IBHA for 3 years and shows her horse RAWHIDES RENO. Emily currently attends the University of Findlay where she is a PreVet major and her favorite subject is Animal Science. She also works at Tri-County Vet Clinic. If chosen as Miss Buckskin World her most important obligation would be to gain more youth members and help this amazing association grow.    

2017 Miss Buckskin World Contestants:

Miss Wisconsin Buckskin, Caroline Charniak, 18, goes by CJ. She lives in Neenah, WI and has been an IBHA member for 3 years, showing her red dun gelding STILLMEADOWSLASTSTAR. Science was her favorite subject in high school and camping is what she enjoys when not working at Pagonis Pizza. CJ will attend the University of Wisconsin in LaCrosse this fall and will promote IBHA and work on increasing youth involvement if chosen as 2017 IBHA Miss Buckskin World.

Katherine Memmen is 21 yrs old and lives in Stow, Ohio. She is representing the Ohio State Buckskin Assoc. with her gelding MOHOGINS BUCK A BAR, which she has owned for 4 years. While attending The Art Institue of Pittsburgh she also works at These Moments Photography. Katherine feels that growing up with horses has positively influenced her life and that the barn is her sanctuary. She would like to inform more people about IBHA and help it grow.


A MESSAGE FROM SARAH: "The IBHA has always been like a family to me and I cannot thank the Buckskin people for taking me under their wing when I was first starting out in the show world five years ago. The amount of kindness and acceptance in the IBHA has like none other that I have found. I am more then excited to represent the International Buckskin Horse Association this year at various horse related events!
I would now like to thank everyone who has supported me the past years who have helped me become the horsewoman that I am today. Starting out with a little red jumper competing in the open divisions at the Buckskin shows to eventually being able to lease a dun mare and bring her to the World show has taught me everything from how to lose to good friends, how to win without a big head, and to congratulate others on their rides in the pen. I can not imagine what type of person I would have become without the many life lessons on responsibility, time management, money, friends, smiling through tough rides or patterns, and many other lessons that I have learned from showing and owning horses.
I'd also like to congratulate my other queens, Emily Powell and Jessica Calkins, on a fantastic world show and their titles of Miss Congeniality and Miss Horsemanship. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for both of you!
I hope to see you all at Convention and the 2016 IBHA World Show! Now lets all have some great rides and a great year!"

and your 2015 IBHA Miss Buckskin World is................Miss Sarah Lynd

Miss Congeniality:

Miss Emily Powell

Miss Horsemanship:

Miss Jessica Calkins

First Runner Up:

Miss Emily Powell

From left: 2015 Miss Buckskin World contestants with 2014 MBW Andie Vsetecka and 2015 MBW sponsors, contestant Emily Powell choosing a random question from Brandon Kurtz's hat for VP Fred Thompson to read, queen Andie and contestant Jessica Calkins showing an auction item, and queen Andie receiving her IBHA lifetime membership from former IBHA President Ted Handel.

Miss Wisconsin Jessica Mae Calkins is 17 and from Janesville, Wisconsin where she shows with the Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Association. Jessica attends Parkview High School and has been an IBHA member for 8 years. In her spare time she enjoys scrapbooking, fourwheeling and do it yourself projects.

Miss Ohio State Emily Powell is 17 and from Findlay, Ohio. She shows with the Ohio State Buckskin Association with her horse RAWHIDES RENO. Emily attends Findlay High School and has been an IBHA member for 2 years.  In her spare time she enjoys being with family and friends as well as helping around the farm.

Miss Heartland Sarah Lynd is 20 and from Urbandale, Iowa. She shows with the Heartland Buckskin Horse Association with her horse PEPPY BARS IN RIO. Sarah attends South Dakota State University and has been an IBHA member for 2 years. In her spare time she enjoys painting and jitterbugging.



Laurie Kristoff - Queen's Saddle          Gist Silversmiths - Queen's Tiara           Equitara - Queen's Saddle Rack        Crates Leather Co - Miss Horsemanship show set

Denise Kurtz - flowers & banners        Ted & Judy Handel - queen gifts            IBHA - Miss Congeniality award         C Bar C Expo Center - 1st Runner Up show set

                        Putnam Co Conv Bureau - Queen's dinner                                                       Eugene & Irene Zimmermann - $100 for queen


2015 Miss Buckskin World Contestants: