1st Place - $209.00

   Silver Birchs DLBS Trouble Gunsmoke

      Johanna or Lori Wilson, MI

2nd Place - $256.00

   Dun Got A Gator - Ann Grotzke, WI

1st Place - $384. 00

   Rawhides Reno - Emily Powell, OH

2nd Place - $119.00

   JSW Formal Beau Tie

      Suzanne & John Flint, KY

2 & 3 Yr Old Western Pleasure

Fun at the wheelbarrel races!! And the winners are: Hanna Foltz and Anna Durnell

3rd Place - $180.00

   Doc Finally Got It - Joshua Krueger, FL

2nd Place - $420.00

   Mighty Dun Deal - Julie Lucas, WI

1st Place - $600.00

   Dun On Country Time - Janice Fleckenstein, WI

3rd Place - $156.00

   Kids Awesome Style - Catherine Rouse, IN

2nd Place - $364.00

   KT Carmel Design - Kelly DeVooght, MI

1st Place - $520.00

  Blue I Will Be - Cathy Venema, WI

$250.00 Added Money Mini Liberty:

sponsored by: IBHA Committee Members - represented by Clyde Pletcher, MI

$250.00 Added Money Mini Pleasure Driving:

sponsored by: IBHA Committee Members - represented by Clyde Pletcher, MI

3rd Place - $38.00

   JSW Formal Beau Tie

      Suzanne & John Flint, KY

3rd Place - $34.00

   Rolin Acres Echos Little Bud

      Robert or Fran Beckel, MI

4th Place -

   JJ's Outlaw of SLF

      Johanna or Lori Wilson, MI

4th Place -

   JJ's Outlaw of SLF

      Johanna or Lori Wilson, MI

Youth Team Stall Decoration Winners:

Reserve: Wisconsin BHA                 Champions: Ohio State


Walk - Trot

1st Place - $187.00

   Iona Farms Dun It Right

      Gordon or Bonnie Harris, KY

2nd Place - $119.00

   OP Perfectly Dun In Gold

      Johanna/Lori Wilson, Bob Beckel, MI

Random photos of the 2015 IBHA World Show:

sponsor: Ray Carmean Quarter Horses

               Orangeville, PA

Res Walk Trot:                                                         Champion Walk Trot:                                            Res 13 & Under:                                                    Champion 13 & Under:

Reagan Lucas/Might Dun Deal                           Mia Hayes/Whatta Fancy Story                           Kaleigh Courtock/Dun Up N Did It                     McKenna Williams/Legions of Angels

WI                                                                               IL                                                                              OH                                                                            WI

sponsor: Sneed Quarter Horses

               Harrisburg, PA

$500.00 Added money class winners.....

sponsor: Sneed Quarter Horses

               Harrisburg, PA

Res Amateur Select:                                         Champion Amateur Select:                                  Reserve Open Horse:                                         Champion Open Horse:

Patricia McKinley/Handy Little Bug                Donna Roberts/King Flashy Poco                      Dynamic Blue Cruiser                                         Zippos Natural Spark

OH                                                                        KY                                                                              owner: Gail Schueneman, OH                          owner: Keri Vosters, WI


2015 IBHA World Show Youth Teams:

Illinois:                                                                        Ohio:                                                                        Wisconsin:

Isabel Dailidonis/Obviously Supersized                     Kaylee Bishop/Rowdy Red Confusion                     Jessica Calkins/Sizzlin Hot Invite

Josephine Gierut/Shes Got Nuff Looks                      Kaleigh Courtock/Dunup N Did It                             Anna Durnell/Ima Guaranteed Asset

Connor Meffen/Imobviouslycreative                           Kendra Courtock/Who Dunit At The Bar                  Hanna Foltz/Classy Spring Chick

Alexis Quill/Shinin Lil Dnit                                          Craig Montgomery/Ima Dynamic Breeze                 Mackenzie Foltz/Some Like It OSO Hot

Cassidy Vincent/Jac's Pipedream                              Lauren Montgomery/Ima Dynamic Breeze              Mia Hayes/Whatta Fancy Story

Chloe Vosters/Im Impeccably Dun                             Emily Powell/Rawhides Reno                                  Reagan Lucas/Mighty Dun Deal

McKenna Williams/Legions of Angels                        Brianne Sharer/Prescription Dun Dry                       Torie Opelt/Zips Chocolately Chip

                                                                                                                                                                   Cassie Weyers/Shes Undun In Red

Res Youth 14-18:                                                  Champion 14-18:                                                   Res Amateur:                                                        Champion Amateur:

Chloe Vosters/Im Impecabley Dun                    Eliza Griggs/PE Dun Stretched                           Gabrielle Stringer/Dun So Good                       Kara Vosters/Zippos Natural Spark

WI                                                                             WI                                                                              IN (accepted by Tina Vincent)                           WI

Youth Team Tournament Winners:

Reserve: Illinois State                         Champions: Wisconsin BHA

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