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Supreme and Superior Awards presented by IBHA President Michael Stadler:

        The 2017 IBHA Convention reaped the benefits of many hard working individuals. The Committee meetings were very progressive and many new and exciting things developed this year. The following is a recap of the major developments:

        Beginning April 1, 2017 the registration requirements for the miniature horses was relaxed to include grade horses with a heighth affidavit from an approved AMHA or AMHR Steward. Beginning January 1, 2017 the use of the pull turn will be eliminated from the showmanship classes. Also taking affect next year will be the addition of Youth Western Showmanship and Hunter classes in the Miniature division. Their will also be four Ranch Horse classes: pleasure, riding, trail and conformation. The new complete rules and changes/clarifications will be on the "members" page by Dec 31st.

        After the business of the Convention is over, the fun begins! Saturday evening begins with the Youth Scholarship Auction. The donations were awesome and the bidders had a great time bidding for their favorite items:) The Hall of Fame Ceremony honored the horse Scooter Gulch and members George & Marilyn Anders. Many members received awards for their accomplishments in IBHA. 

Pictured above left to right: HR Youth McKenna Williams/Legions of Angels, Res HR Youth Chloe Vosters/IM IMPECCABLY DUN accepted by Ed & Sandy Anderson, HR Amateur Kara Vosters/ZIPPOS NATURAL SPARK accepted by Ed & Sandy Anderson, Res HR Amatuer Ann Grotzke/DUN GOT A GATOR, HR Am Select Kathy Neander/JUST CALL ME MR T, Res HR Am Select Carol Sgarlotti/KT DUN A LITTLE, HR Performance Horse ZIPPOS NATURAL SPARK/Keri Vosters accepted by Ed & Sand Anderson, Res HR Performance Horse DUN GOT A GATOR/Ann Grotzke and HR All Around Horse ZIPPOS NATURAL SPARK/Keri Vosters accepted by Ed & Sandy Anderson

2019 CONVENTION March 14-16

​Best Western Airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(414)769-2100 OR (800)780-7234

Thank You Patty Baughman from Twin Pines Photography for the Convention photos.

Top Row: Supreme Champion DUN GOT A GATOR, owner Ann Grotzke, Superior Disciplined Rail BE DUN SMOKIN, owner Janice Fleckenstein and Superior Dun Factor DYNAMIC IN PLEASURE, Tamie & Ben Grandstaff

HALL OF FAME: (1) Connie Lechleitner reads the presentation for George & Marilyn Anders, (2)accepted by Tamie & Ben Grandstaff. (3) IBHA President presenting the HOF awards for Scooter Gulch to Alexis and Barbara Robinson with Committee member Michelle Zimmerman.


2018 IBHA Convention was somewhat “unconventional”……….

The 2018 IBHA Convention started as usual with Committee Workshops to review proposed new rules, changes and clarifications. Next came the Committee Meetings where the committees accepted or rejected these proposals. Those accepted were sent to the IBHA Executive Committee for final approval. New for 2019 is: An Adult Walk Trot division which will start with the following classes: Walk only Showmanship, Walk Trot Western Pleasure and Walk Trot Horsemanship. The exhibitor must declare a walk trot membership and cannot show in performance under saddle classes unless the walk trot membership is renounced.

Saturday morning started off with a recap of the previous days accomplishments then went into the featured speakers for the day. First was Linda Kuczer, a certified Show Steward with AMHR, who taught the members how to correctly measure the height of a miniature horse. After learning the proper technique people got the opportunity to measure “hands on” with two miniature horses in the hotel foyer! Jamee Bornstein brought two miniature horses into the hotel and allowed the members to stand the horses the right way and use the measuring stick. While it was a lot of fun, it was also quite the unique learning experience. Next up was Ashley Furst from the American Horse Council, who conveyed the importance of the Council to the horse industry. They work hard to represent the needs and concerns of equine businesses and enthusiasts. She also spoke about the Unwanted Horse Coalition and the work that they do. The final speaker was Dan Grunewald, who presented a power point presentation on the Ranch Horse. IBHA approved Ranch Horse classes will be offered for the first time in 2018. Dan has judged the ARHA World Show and shared his knowledge with the IBHA members.

The IBHA Youth Scholarship Auction started the evening festivities and raised over $3000.00. IBHA is proud to have awarded over $220,000.00 over the years to many deserving youth members. The Hall of Fame Committee then made their presentation to Doug LaSota and his two horses, Leona Eclipse and Smooth Swen Miss. They are the 21st, 22nd and 23rd inductees into the IBHA Hall Of Fame. The 2017 Superior Event awards were then presented by IBHA President Mike Stadler and IBHA Queen Kate Memmen, along with the Honor Roll Awards and finally the All Around Awards. The Convention ended with celebrating the hard work and accomplishments of 2017!

Seminar and Auction photos:

Far Left: The first ever miniature ROM was presented at this year's IBHA Convention!! Congratulations to DUSTY LANE VEGAS BET A BUCK and owners Johanna or Lori Wilson. The Dun Factor ROM was earned on 8-22-15.

Left: The first year of approved miniature classes proved successful. Pictured are Lori Wilson and Bob & Frann Beckel proudly showing their many Honor Roll Awards.

Lead Line Certificates: Irelynn Lucas & Chloe Zweifel       Walk Trot Certificates: Delany Lucas, Reagan Lucas and Cassidy Vincent

2015 Lead Line and Walk-Trot Winners......our future......

2019 Convention Schedule:

Thursday, March 14 - Workshops                                                      Saturday, March 16 Open to members, name badge required

(All workshops are for committee members only)                                                                     9:30    Presidents Address  - IBHA Pres. Mike Stadler   

 9:00 Board of Directors Meeting                                                                     Office Updates - IBHA Office Personnel

11:00 Miniature                                                                                                Proper Rule Proposal Procedure - Ben Grandstaff

12:00 Lunch                                                                                                     Committe Updates - Committee Chairpersons                

1:00-1:45 Youth                                                                                               Buckskin Bred Program - Pros and Cons

1:45-2:15 Amateur                                                                                12:00 Lunch

2:15-2:45 Judges                                                                                  1:00   "Through the Judge's Eyes" - Scoring and Scribing 

2:45-3:30 Show & Contest                                                                              Learn how a judge works with their scribe and the importance of the

3:30-4:00 Welfare                                                                                            judges'  focus being on the exhibitor and their horse. In addition, learn  4:00-5:00 Hall of Fame                                                                                    about the scoring technique used to determine a class placing, and     

4:00-5:00 YSF Scholarship                                                                              the "easy" and "tough" choices while performing.  

5:30 - 7:00 Welcome Reception - Open to attendees                           2:30   "Through the Judge's Eyes" - Simple fixes to make a difference

                                                                                                                                          A panel presentation and discussion on the simple changes that make 

Friday, March 15 - Meetings (All meetings open to members)                                   a difference when showing. Each member of the panel will share their

9:00-9:45     Miniature                                                                                     insights while the audience gets to ask questions, and receive direct

9:45-10:15   Youth                                                                                           advice on the preferences a judge expects during a class. Everything

10:15-10:45  Amateur                                                                                      from in hand presentation to trail, providing you answers. 

10:45-11:15  Judges                                                                              4:30  YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP AUCTION  (Cash Bar)

11:15-12:00  Show & Contest                                                                          Announcements of Scholarship Awarded

12:00            Lunch                                                                                6:00   HONOR ROLL DINNER BANQUET

1:00-1:30     Queen Symposium                                                            7:30   AWARDS AND HALL OF FAME PRESENTATIONS

1:30-1:45     Welfare                                                                              9:00-11:00  HONOR ROLL DINNER DANCE

1:45-2:15     WarmUp & World Show

2:15-3:00     Open Forum  Open topics for discussion                                                     CONVENTION CONCLUDED!

The following are closed meetings for Committee Members only:

3:30-5:00    Charter Delegate

5:30-6:30     IBHA Executive Committee 

Each year IBHA holds a National Convention to address the business of the Association. Committees made up of members and Executives review and vote on new rule proposals. We hold many educational seminars & meetings, most of which are open to IBHA members. In conjunction with the convention meetings is a yearly banquet to award the Honor Rolls, Reserve Honor Rolls,  Supreme and Superior Awards. A scholarship auction is held and scholarship recipients are announced at this banquet. The Hall of Fame ceremony takes place at the convention.

Bottom Row: Superior Western Pleasure GUCCIS ONLY LEXUS, owner Cayley Peters wth Ed Anderson; Superior Dun Factor GOODMORNINGBLUEBREEZE, owners Judy & Clyde Pletcher; Superior Amateur Disciplined Rail SUSAN DUFFY/KCEES LETHAL RODEO



Mare Halter: GOSSIPS LUCKY CHARM - James Meffen  accepted by Tina Vincent  

YA West Horse & YA H S Disc Rail:


accepted by Sandy Anderson  

AM Hunter Under Saddle & AM H S Disc Rail:


Another historic moment for IBHA.......