2016 Richard Kurzeja Scholarship winner:  Pictured left is YSF Fund officer Pat Osenga and IBHA Queen Sarah Lynd presenting Jessica Calkins of Wisconsin with her award.

Pictured top row: Darrell Bilke checks out some auction items; Todd Foltz serves as auctioneer; Queen Contestant Emily Powell displays an item; Butch Watson takes a bid

Pictured here is part of the team that helps the scholarship auction run smoothly and raise money for our youth!

Pictured bottom row: Michelle Zimmerman represents WBHA in donating to the YSF; Carmen Kellenbarger Porter showing off her purchase; YSF President Laurie Kristoff announces the total raised.

Youth Scholarship Fund update.
        First of all I want to say thank you to the new committee person Tina Vincent for joining the Youth Scholarship Committee. I also want to give a special THANK YOU to Todd Foltz for his outstanding job at auctioneering the scholarship auction, I believe everyone had a lot of fun. Thank you again for helping the auction raise sooo much money.
        I also want to thank all the members and businesses that donated to the cause, without them there would not have been an auction. Back In The Saddle, Valley Vet, Ted & Judi Handel, Karen Grunewald, Angie Worby, GLBA, Sam Mitchell, Katie & Dave Stout, Clyde & Judy Pletcher, Carmen Porter, Emily Powell, Tammie & Ben Grandstaff, WBHA, Susan Duffy, Liza Griggs, Tina, Dan & Cassidy Vincent, Jessica Calkins, Deb Calnin, The Rasmussens, Peg & Jennifer Kaiser, Kendra Kaiser Dauenhauer, Laurie Kristoff and Eugene Zimmermann.
        And the auction would not be complete without the buyers: Jacque Shoeman, Phyllis Rasmussen, Tammie Grandstaff, Robert Beckel, Patti Baughman, Todd Waldera, Judi Handel, Brandon Kurtz, Margarett Powell, Lori Wilson, Darrel Bilke, Linda Fueger, Dolores Kurzeja, Ron Peters, Kathy Neander, Clyde Pletcher, Carmen Porter, Carol Sgarlotti, Todd Foltz, Deanna O’Keefe, Jim Hanneman, Sandy Anderson and Sam Mitchell.
        Between the auction and monetary donations from the Darrel Bilke, Wisconsin State Buckskin Horse Assoc and the Illinois State Buckskin Horse Assoc. the Scholarship made a little over $3800.00.  I h
ope we have an auction just as great in July, I hope to see everyone in Cloverdale, In.

Denise Kurtz
Vice Pres. YSF of IBHA

2018 Richard Kurzeja Scholarship winners:

$1000.00 - Torie Opelt                $500.00 - Mackenzie Foltz

The World Show auction would not have been possible without the generosity of the following people: Darlene, Jenna & Andie Vsetecka, Joseph Mink, Laurie Kristoff, Liza Houghton, Bob Sneed, Emily Powell, Patti Baughman, Clyde & Judy Pletcher, Ted & Judi Handel, Todd Waldera, Bri Stimson, Jimmie Kitterman, Pat Marine, Lori Wilson, Bob & Fran Beckel, Amanda Molash, Gene & Irene Zimmermann, Gail & Jull Schueneman, Stephanie Freeland, Carmen Kellenbarger Porter, Chester Bohonman, Shannon Bixby, Melissa Davis & Pat Osenga. Also Rising Waters Quarter Horses, C Bar C Expo Center, Chicago's Pizza, Rockin D Tack, Valley Vet Supply and El Cantarito. 


Ms Ashley Nelson showed with the Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Association and was an IBHA member for seven years. As a youth member Ashley remembers IBHA members being extremely supportive, encouraging and kind. In 2007 she received her first IBHA scholarship and attended UW-Sheboygan to work towards her BS in Clinical Laboratory Science. While studying for her Masters in Public Health at UW-Madison, Ashley also works in the lab at UW Hospital in Madison with state and local public health initiatives. Earning the IBHA scholarship not only helped pay for living expenses and tuition, but also was part of the reason she could keep her beloved buckskin while in school!

AUGUST- There will be no feature this month as the office staff prepares for...and then catches up from, the IBHA World Show. Check back in September!

1st Place - $1000.00

Eliza Griggs &

PE Dun Stretched

Watertown, WI

APRIL - HALEY (COOP) NICKOLAOU As a youth Haley attended the IBHA World Show with the Illinois Youth team and fondly remembers everybody working together to decorate like the Great Chicago Fire. It was those times that taught her the value of teamwork and collaboration. Showing her buckskin taught her that dedication and hard work pays off, and the bond between a girl and her horse is a strong one! Haley believes that she has a greater appreciation for things in life because of the dedication and work ethic that was instilled in her as a horse show kid. After high school Ms Coop attended Western Illinois University with the help of the IBHA Youth Scholarship Fund. She majored in English Education and received two master's degrees. Now Mrs Nickolaou, Haley works at Batavia High School as an English Teacher and Instructional Coach. She enjoys trail riding and camping on the weekends with her husband.

MARCH - BRIANNE MATHEWS  In 1998 Brianne Mathews joined IBHA and began showing her horse IMPRESSED BY CODY at the Ohio State Buckskin Association, Mid America Buckskin Association and Great Lakes Buckskin Association horse shows. In 2002 FAWNDACIOUS LADY was also shown by Brianne, who earned many IBHA awards with the two horses. As a four year scholarship recipient Ms Mathews attended Ohio State University where she majored in Animal Science. She now works for a company that produces printers, cameras, etc where she is the liaison between her company and the largest health care system in her region. Brianne says that her IBHA family was, and still is, her second family and that she is blessed to be surrounded by so many people since she was 13. She thinks that owning/showing a buckskin horse is the best way to teach responsibility and that hard work can pay off.

Every month in 2015 we will be featuring an IBHA Youth Scholarship recipient as a reminder of the fund that has helped so many deserving youth. Scroll down to see.

YSF donors:  Thank You!!!

In addition to the scholarship auctions, the Youth Scholarship Fund of IBHA is currently selling "the Buckskin" by Orren Mixer. Commissioned in 1996 and completed in 1998, “The Buckskin” was unveiled at the 1998 IBHA World Championship Show. The painting depicts 19 horses. The buckskin stallion and his band of 9 mares and 9 foals reveal the various shades of the buckskin, dun, red dun and grulla horses accepted for IBHA registration. The limited edition of 100 artist remarques were sold at the unveiling of the painting and are now only available from private individuals. There are some of the 400 numbered and autographed prints (22”X28”) available from IBHA (see form above) and from the AQHA Heritage Center and Museum in Amarillo. The original painting can be viewed at the AQHA Heritage Center where it is on display as a loan from the scholarship fund. Over $190,000 has been awarded to IBHA youth. Scholarships are given through the Youth Scholarship Fund of IBHA, Inc. The separate NOT FOR PROFIT corporation elected officers at their annual meeting. 

If you would like to donate to this fund please print out the following form:


  Michelle Hendricks, Urbana, Indiana


  Eliza Griggs, Watertown, Wisconsin

2014 - The first Richard Kurzeja Versatility Scholarships awarded!!

Mr Richard Kurzeja, former IBHA Executive Secretary, was the founder of the IBHA Youth Scholarship Fund. It was his vision to award scholarships to the deserving youth of IBHA. Qualified students can earn scholarships to continue their education in accredited programs equivalent to two years in a vocational school. The first awards were given out in 1988 and have continued every year since.  In 2012 Rich began developing the versatility scholarship. The purpose is to give deserving horsemen the same opportunity to continue their education. With the help of the IBHA YSF Scholarship Committee, this contest became a reality at the 2014 IBHA World Show.

P O Box 268 * Shelby, IN 46377    (219) 552-1013   ibhainc@sbcglobal.net   M-F 9:00am-3:00

New IBHA YSF Scholarship Recipients: 

Caroline (CJ) Charniak, WI

Serina Dalton, WI

Hannah Foltz, MI

Syndey Lean, WI

Tori Opelt, WI

2017 Versatility Scholarship Winners:

$1000.00 1st Place: Victoria Ingram, PA            $500.00 2nd Place: Jessica Calkins, WI

DECEMBER - JENNIFER KAISER  In 1992 Jennifer Kaiser became a youth member of IBHA and continued to stay an active member for 17 years. She showed locally with the Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Association who was like her extended family growing up. Jennifer says there are countless ways the members influenced her to become who she is today. In 2003 she enrolled at the University of Wisconsin - Madison where she majored in Biology and minored in archeology. Receiving the IBHA scholarship helped Ms Kaiser to focus more on her studies and worry less about expenses. Currently she lives in Utah and is an Obstetrics and Gynocology resident at the University of Utah in Salt Lake.

*Youth Scholarship Applications are available through the IBHA office or the Charter Delegates.

OCTOBER - STACY (CRAIGHEAD) FRENCH  In June of 1998 Stacy Craighead received her first IBHA Youth Membership card. In 2003 her horse CG Shining Star was registered and she began her IBHA showing career. The unit showed with the Sho-Me Buckskin Horse Association until 2005 when Stacy received her IBHA scholarship for college. During her showing time she enjoyed the camaraderie at the horse shows and the time spent with her mom and dad. Receiving the scholarship helped Stacy reduce the cost of college, therefore allowing her to go to Grad School and obtain her Masters in Agricultural Education. She now lives in Wellesville, MO where she teaches high school agriculture and is an FFA Advisor.

2nd Place - $500.00

Chloe Vosters &

Im Impeccably Dun

Freedom, WI

MAY - JAY OCKEN  Receiving an IBHA scholarship not only lessened the financial burden of college for Jay, but also gave him a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that there was a group of people that wanted and expected him to succeed in life. He attended college at Ball State University where he majored in Industrial Technology Education. Now married with three children, Mr Ocken works as a Welding, Metalworking and Engineering Technology Teacher for the Whitko Community School Corporation. The family also has a home business named Ocken Bit and Spur Makers. Jay believes many life skills and lessons were learned during the course of his IBHA show career, such as hard work, dedication, goal setting and humility. During that time he met some wonderful, talented and successful people who he still has connections with today.   

FEBRUARY - LESLIE (COLBURN) BROOKS   Leslie Ann Colburn of East Raymond, Maine became an IBHA member in 1989 and showed her horses JIMMYS MISTY and TOO COY at the Maine Buckskin Horse Association's horse shows. She really enjoyed traveling and competing against others from around the state. Trail riding, showing and just being on the back of her buckskin horse are some of Leslie's favorite memories from her youth. Upon receiving a scholarship from the YSF of IBHA Ms Colburn attended the University of Maine at Farmington where she majored in Elementary Education. She now works as an Early Interventions Specialist. Leslie is thankful to the scholarship fund in helping her achieve her goals in college without a large amount of debt.

President: Laurie Kristoff, IL

Vice-Pres/Recording Sec: Pat Osenga, WI

Sec/Treas: Denise Kurtz, IN

Directors: Shelene Mitchell, UT

                 Tina Vincent, IL

Spring 2016 Scholarship Auction:


Amanda Kitterman became an IBHA Youth Member in 1990. She was also a member of the Mid America Buckskin Horse Association where she showed with her family. Now Mrs Durnell, she believes that owning/showing a buckskin horse taught her a lot about responsibility and life. In 1994 she was awarded an IBHA Scholarship which she used to attend IUPUI and Purdue University, where she majored as a veterinary technician. Amanda currently is a Client Services Manager at Covance and lives in Pendleton, Indiana with her husband and children.  Her family is still active in IBHA.  

        The Youth Scholarship Committee met at the recent 2017 IBHA Convention. The main purpose of this meeting was to elect officers and review candidates for the available scholarships.Elections were held and current officers are” Laurie Kirstoff, President, Denise Kurtz, Vice President/Treasurer, Sam Mitchell, Secretary, Judy Handel, Pat Osenga and Tina Vincent, Members.
        This year, there was one new applicant, Kenzie Goddard, of Newark, Ohio and she was awarded a scholarship of $1,000.0. There were three renewals and they each received $1,ooo.o. Renewals went to Jessica Calkins, WI, McKenzie Foltz, WI, and Emily Powell, OH
        The evening festivities included the scholarship auction. The auctioneer for the evening was Pat Osenga along with his ring men, Todd Foltz, Mike Stadler and Eugene Zimmerman.  Due to the efforts of these gentlemen, the auction and donations brought in nearly $2700.00
         The committee would like to thank all the members who donated the creative items and the members who bid and the various items and took them home. Sam Mitchell, Jessica Calkins, The Pletchers, Katie Stout, Ted and Judy Handel, Tina Dan and Cassidy Vincent, Pat Osenga, Mackenzie Foltz, Rob Robinson, Lori Wilson,  Ben Grandstaff, Todd Foltz, Laurie Kristoff, Butch Watkins, Pattie Baughman, Harley and Ann Grotzke, Phyllis Rasmussen, Brianna Mathews, CaRMEN Porter, Alexis Doughlas, Deanna O’Keefe, Gene Zimmermann, Doug Hubbard, Fran Beckel, Linda Fueger, Michelle Zimmerman, Susan Duffy, Sam Anderson, Dan Grunwald, Connie Lechleitner, Meg Powell, Teri Pellett, Judy Ianuzzi, Alexis and Diane Quill and Olivia Lolkema.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!!

Renewal IBHA YSF Scholarship Recipients: 

Jessica Caulkins, WI

McKenzie Foltz, MI

Kenzie Goddard, OH

Emily Powell, OH

$9100 in Scholarships Awarded at the 2018 IBHA Convention!

JULY - JAMIE BADE  Ms Jamie Bade became an IBHA member in 1992 and began showing with the Show Me Buckskin Horse Association. When asked if IBHA members influenced her as a youth she replies "Of course! Everyone that was a part of showing, prepping, organizing and volunteering for the organization was a role model for me." Showing IBHA was a big part of her young adult life and participating on the youth teams taught her showmanship, sportsmanship, team skills and organizational skills. The lessons in responsibility and hard work learned at home caring for her buckskin was reiterated in IBHA activities. Jamie attended East Central College and majored in General Studies. She is now an art consultant for a variety of entities, does graphic design and website building and owns a Western Fine Art gallery in Colorado, where she currently resides.

JUNE - CRYSTAL GRANDSTAFF  At the age of 9 Crystal Grandstaff took part in her first IBHA show through the Ohio charter club and continued to show for 14 years. She now lives in Arlington, VA and is currently planning her wedding to her fiancé Don. The IBHA members were like her second family and she stays in contact with many and feels they would travel many distances to support each other. Her IBHA family and horses taught her perseverence, accountability, communication skills, compassion, and most importantly to be a gracious winner and an even better loser. These traits have stayed with her through both her personal and professional life. In 1997 Crystal received an IBHA scholarship while attending Otterbein University and Columbus State Community College, where she earned a BA & BS in Equine Sciences and an AA in Small Animal Health Technology.  She worked 2-3 jobs while in her undergrad years so the IBHA scholarship impacted her a great deal. Ms Grandstaff now works for American College of Cardiology as a Sr Benefits & Wellness Associate. Crystal says: "I believe it is more important than ever for scholarship opportunities such as the IBHA scholarship to be available to help individuals pursue their educational dreams. "

2015 Richard Kurzeja Versatility Scholarship Sponsor: 

Mr Tim Roper and Smith Ford & Smith Chevy in Lowell, Indiana and Smith Ford in Hammond, Indiana.  

JANUARY - DR. KENDRA DAUENHAUER KAISER  Kendra Kaiser became a youth member in 1992 and continued to stay active through 2003. She showed with the Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Association and says showing helped her self confidence. In 1999 Kendra applied for and received a scholarship through the Youth Scholarship Fund of IBHA. She attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison where she majored in Zoology and earned a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Now Dr. Kendra Kaiser Dauenhauer DVM, she lives in Minnesota and is a practicing small animal vet. Receiving the scholarship allowed her to focus more on her studies and less on working to pay for tuition. Kendra has fond memories of watching and participating in good sportsmanship at IBHA shows.